To use wet hair and lather up bar either in your hands or on your hair, rinse and repeat.

If you feel the need for conditioner we recommend an apple cider vinegar rinse which is easily applied. To make up add 10% cider vinegar to 90% water in a spray bottle and after washing your hair spray onto hair. You do not need to rinse. You can store the made up rinse in the shower ready for next time. The vinegar smell goes away in a few seconds. This changes the PH of your hair and scalp.

To store your shampoo bar please allow to dry between uses and store on a soap drainer. This makes the bars last longer. Please allow your hair time to adjust

to using a natural shampoo bar as it can take a few uses to remove the build up

from commercial shampoo and products. Once your hair adjusts, most people

find they do not need to wash their hair so often. Some people may experience

a waxy build up in their hair, this can be due to hard water in your area or a reaction to build up from commercial hair products. This is quite normal and

not everyone has this, it depends on how addicted to other products your hair

and scalp have become. The time it takes for your hair to adjust can vary from not at all to a few days or sometimes a few weeks. It will go away! It may take some patience but if you persevere your reward will be a healthy scalp and hair. Our shampoo bars are made with scalp friendly ingredients and do not contain SLS or silicone. Please be careful when rinsing your hair as our shampoo bars contain essential oils which will sting like commercial shampoo.

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